Effective Ways to Relax the Mind

Life is stressful at times, and instead of trying to avoid and push our stress away, it is often best to try and confront our stressors directly. There are many ways to combat stress to relax our minds that we can learn to actively practice in times where our minds feel clouded. Here are some effective ways to relax the mind.
Deep Breathing/Breathing Exercises
This one may seem too simple and cliche to work. Many of us roll our eyes when told to “take a deep breath”. However, there is science behind this command that certainly proves beneficial to relaxing the mind. Deep breathing slows our heart rate and lowers blood pressure, therefore relieving tension in our muscles and relieving stress. They also are good because they can be performed just about anywhere

Yoga may be more commonly associated as beneficial to the body rather than the mind, but the techniques to perform yoga are often correlated to our mental well-being with its emphasis on mindfulness. Yoga itself has evolved from ancient India, with the belief that the mind and the body are one. Many people use Yoga today as a form of stress relief and to improve overall health (which includes mental health).
Talk to Someone
While you can certainly consult a professional for this category, it can be seriously beneficial to just talk to a good friend or family member when under stress. Sometimes we stress ourselves out by keeping too much to ourselves, and it can be shockingly helpful to hear that someone else understands and is listening to your perspective on whatever is making your mind tense.
Similar to Yoga, exercise as a form of stress relief plays on the idea that the body impacts the mind. In addition, exercise releases endorphins which are the “feel-good” hormone. Endorphins can help with better focus, mental clarity, mood, and better sleep (which also helps stress). Also, a good workout takes a bit of effort and focus to complete, and channeling our energy to do something positive for ourselves may take away from the stresses we may feel. 

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