What Restaurants Have The Best Rewards Program?


Isn’t it much easier to buy food that’s already cooked? It doesn’t matter if you’re single or have family and kids, eating out a couple of times in a month can save you time you’d spend grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cooking. We’ve created a list to help you find better deals for restaurants serving healthier food for those days you want to stay out of the kitchen.

The following list contains restaurants that offer better food options compared to fast-food chains and offer rewards programs that are worth signing up for! Check out the list below: 

T.G.I. Fridays

TGI Fridays offer the best rewards program. First thing first, you can avail a free appetizer simply for signing up! After that, you get 1 point for every $1 that you spend. Once you have accumulated 30points, which is not that difficult to do, you can avail the rewards. The more reward points you accumulate, the better discounts you can avail. However, TGI Fridays are pretty generous. You can avail freshly brewed tea or coffee or their signature slush for 30 points. If you are patient, you can collect points until you get classic or signature entrees, or even premium entrees, which only require 175 reward points. Moreover, you also get free dessert on your birthday. 

My Chili's

Eating out every day does not get more rewarding than at My Chili’s. The restaurant’s rewards program offers the option to have free chips, salsa, or beverage on every visit when you spend even just $5. The points collected from spending money can later be used to avail free appetizers and desserts. My Chili’s program also offers free dessert on your birthday and free Wi-Fi at their outlets if you like to scroll through the internet or work while eating. 

Panera Bread

If Panera Bread is a spot you eat at or order from regularly, then joining their rewards program will make it a little bit easier on your pocket. The restaurant does things a little differently than others, allocating points in your account based on the number of times you visit a branch rather than the money you spend. However, every visit does bring you closer to availing a free treat. You will also get free dessert on your birthday and a free pastry for signing up. 


P.F. Chang's

Through P. F. Chang’s rewards program, rewards can be availed on scoring 2000 points. But it’s not as difficult as it seems. The restaurant puts 1000 points in your account when you sign up, and each dollar spent gets you 10 points. Birthday treats are not limited to birthdays either. You get a coupon for your birthday, which you can use to avail either a free dessert or an appetizer of your choice anytime during your birthday month — an option we find perfect for the busy ones out there! 

Tim Hortons

Signing up for a rewards program at a coffee place is a wise idea. While other coffee houses offer rewards programs too, Tim Hortons rewards program is the one that’s worth signing up for the most. The program qualifies you to avail a free beverage of choice or baked good after every seven purchases, and it cannot get simpler or better than that!

With that, you have a list of some popular restaurant chains that provide great reward programs. However, there are many more chains and local eateries that provide great offers for regular diners. Make sure you do your research before heading out and get the most of their reward programs. 

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