What Degrees Will Pay Off Student Loans The Fastest?


Higher education in the US is very expensive. Everything, from the books to the tuition is pricey, and there are no two ways about it. You either take on student loans to afford your dream degree or end up not getting a college education. Most students need to apply for some student loans so they can afford college tuition. However, as soon as they’re done, there’s the crushing responsibility of having to pay that debt back along with the interest they’ve racked during their college degree. 

Is there a way you can pay off your debts as quickly as you’ve collected them? Possibly, yes. Certain degrees help you pay back your money more quickly than the rest. This disparity is because jobs in this sector pay well, and you’ll find it easy to return the money you’ve borrowed. We have listed some of these degrees below: 

1) Law

Lawyers work with people in criminal and civil lawsuits. So, after many years at college, they’re likely to start with a salary ranging from$80,000 - $160,000, which is good money from which they can pay off their loans. 

2) Information Technology Managers

 You can earn upwards of $150K after a bachelor’s degree and some professional experience.  So, a degree in computer sciences and coding in a society where technology is the backbone will fare very well. 

3) Financial Managers

If you enjoy working with numbers, you should get a degree in finance. All companies need financial managers, and so there are always jobs available for them. Financial managers are generally responsible for the company’s money, and this is why you’ll earn upwards of $100K every year. 


4) Associates Degrees

An associate’s degree, which is only a two-year degree, could help you pay off your loans rather easily. Here are some of the associate degrees with the average salary for each profession: 

  • 1.      Air traffic controllers: $124,540
    2.      Radiation therapists: $80,570
    3.      Nuclear technicians: $80,370
    4.      Funeral service managers: $78,040
    5.      Nuclear medicine technologists: $75,660
    6.      Dental hygienists: $74,070
    7.      Diagnostic medical sonographers: $71,410 

5) Architectural and Engineering Managers

A bachelor’s degree in engineering or architecture will likely pay you upwards of $130K straight out of college. If you’re good at Math and can crunch numbers easily, an engineering degree with some professional experience means any company would likely employ you as an engineering manager. 

6) Analytics Manager

Students who enjoy data configuration can be great analytics managers. Data analysts help companies and organizations make better decisions; hence, they play a very important role in their companies and are likely paid$80K to $90K a year. 


Final Thoughts

A college education is very expensive. However, investing in the correct degree may help you become richer a few years out of college. Degrees that require more effort and where you have to work with numbers like Engineering and Finance area great option for you to opt for if you want to get well-paying jobs that will help you pay off your student debt more easily. However, this shouldn’t be your only criteria when picking a degree. You can’t earn any money if you don’t complete your degree. 

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