3 Long Term Retirement Tips


If you have young kids or are at the start of your career, retirement may not be on the top of your mind. But someday, if you are lucky, you can live your golden days. Being young and active takes your mind away from important things in life. You might be living in the present without a care for your future, but if you start retirement planning now, you might be able to live a care-free life even in your old age.

Many people waste their time and money by spending out of control and buying things that hold no future value. These habits become a nuisance in your old age when you have to work to survive. If you want to avoid a drastic fate of working after 50’s follow our 3 long term retirement tips and be prepared for your future. 

1. Control Your Expenses

Being young might seem like a time to spend money as you earn and not plan for your future. Most youngsters have limited savings but high expenditures. This harms their future financial position and also creates a habit of unnecessary purchases. The best time to take control of yourself is now. The more you wait, the harder it is to save money. Control your expenses by recording and evaluating them at the end of each month. Cut down things that are too expensive or useless after sometime. This will increase your savings and reduce your expenses. 

2. Create A Long Term Estimate

To be financially viable in your old age, you need to determine your retirement spending needs. Start mapping down the things you might need when you are old. Make a section for medical insurance and monthly expense. Keep making changes to this list every year according to the economy. Make sure your retirement spending plan is adjusted with inflation. Try to avoid unrealistic expectations by assuming that your retirement spending would be 70% of your current expense. Make assumptions based on other people’s experience and account for your mortgage payments as well. 

3. Understand Your Time Horizon


The gap between your current age and retirement age is when you have a chance to make a change. The longer this gap, the more opportunity you have to have stronger finances at old age. If you are young and 15 years away from your retirement age, you should invest in stocks. Although this investment is volatile, the return is greater than any other investment. 


The Bottom Line

Living your life like there is no tomorrow is not an ideal approach to life. You should always keep your retirement age in mind and start retirement planning as soon as possible. The burden of retirement planning is falling on individuals now more than ever since fewer employers now provide a defined-benefit pension. If you want to have a safe future, you shouldn’t wait for tomorrow. Start now and cut down your expenses from today. 



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